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Meet The Beta Brands for Our New Shopify Marketing App

Meet The Beta Brands for Our New Shopify Marketing App

Ashland Stansbury

We brought together some of the world's best purpose-driven Shopify stores to test out our new Shopify Marketing app in our beta! Here's the scoop on all their social missions and why they decided to join the Because beta program.

We are super excited to introduce a few of the amazing brands who will be taking part in our just-launched Beta program to drive their holistic ecommerce marketing strategy. We’ve been working non stop to give these brands the full Because experience and can’t wait to see the impact it drives. Learn more about these companies and their stories below: 


UK based organic condom company, Hanx

Hanx is a biodegradable condom company out of England. These ladies saw a healthier, more sustainable alternative to condoms. Knowing that over 100 million condoms end up in the ocean each year in the UK alone, they knew this was a big problem. 

They’re joining the Because Beta program to help the socially conscious site visitor to understand why buying a sustainable alternative to a product as common to daily life as condoms, can make a massive difference not only to the earth, but to the health of your body as well. Not only are these bad boys biodegradable, they’re also vegan and fair trade!

Hanx Live Banner PDP- Desktop

Sustainable bridesmaid dress company, Henkaa

Henkaa is a site for convertible bridesmaids dresses. Their Founder saw a more sustainable alternative to the waste of the wedding dress industry and created a dress wearable in 21 different ways, with sizes ranging up to 24. Not only do they reduce waste in the landfill, but the impact on your wallet! In honor of their late founder, Henkaa created a foundation that promotes the development of women’s empowerment and financial independence. 

Henkaa knows they have the beginning of a really awesome mission story to tell, on both sustainability and women’s empowerment, but they need a way to do so without sending their site traffic to their “About Us” page and distracting them from their path to purchase. They haven’t historically showcased the landfill impact of each dress purchased, so they’re excited to see the reaction from socially conscious consumers who may not be aware of that equation.

Henkaa Banner PDP-1


Upcycled and waste-free pet food, Shameless Pets

Shameless Pets is providing a sustainable, waste-free alternative to feeding your furry friends through upcycled ingredients like leftover Halloween pumpkins and apple pulp from a cider press. Our CEO, Ashland first sat down with one of their Founders, James, and immediately bonded over their passion for not only promoting sustainable alternatives to pollutive industries, but educating the modern consumer on why this matters and how they can get involved. 

The Shameless Pets team has an incredible impact story to tell, but they’re up against popular pet food brands who are competing on things like price, features, and convenience. This team knows their secret sauce is their incredible supply chain, but needed a way to easily break that down for the average pet owner. Because at the end of the day, they’re really just trying to feed their pets, not read through a Corporate Sustainability report.

Shameless Pets PDP Banner Desktop


Eco-friendly bedding startup, Sheets & Giggles

Sheets & Giggles makes sustainable bedding from Eucalyptus trees, a renewable natural resource. Their trees are grown on biodiverse farms and for every tree harvested, two more are planted. As proud members of Pledge 1% Colorado, they give a percentage of their profits to impactful nonprofits in the local community like the Denver Rescue Mission and the Colorado COVID-18 Emergency Relief fund. 

Sheets & Giggles believes you don’t need to sacrifice quality for sustainability. Their social mission is a strong and unique one, with a website tab called “learn some sheet” that focuses on their sustainability efforts. We believe they can take their social impact storytelling to the next level through the Because Beta Program, making it a central part of the e-commerce purchase process. 

Sheets & Giggles PDP Banner


Fast growing DTC lingerie startup, AdoreMe's sustainable sweatshirt portfolio brand, Re-Apparel

Re-Apparel is a clothing brand with sweatshirts made from 100% recyclable material, like plastic bottles & old textiles. They utilize different techniques during the manufacturing process to keep their carbon footprint as low as possible. Their slogan is,  “basically, you'll be wearing trash when you wear these sweatshirts, but it looks so much better on you than in the oceans.” 

Re-Apparel is already doing a great job of spelling out their social impact on their homepage. Their stats are clear and easy to read, but we think they can go even further. By reminding their customers of their sustainability on their product detail pages and in their shopping cart, Re-Apparel can transform their purchase experience into a learning based, CSR journey. 

Re-Apparel PDP Banner


Gender fluid apparel brand, The Phluid Project

The Phluid Project is a clothing brand that exists to empower individuals to be themselves. They are leaders in LGBTQIA+ inclusion and diversity training, with a goal to provide companies the tools to spearhead inclusion training in your own workplace. They know that Gen Z and millennials will soon make up the majority of the workforce and are deeply passionate about inclusion. They educate on the clear benefits for companies to get it right: improved financial performance, stronger innovation, less attrition, and a more engaged workforce. 

As bold and unique as their products are, The Phluid Project has an opportunity to further educate their consumer market about the impact their purchase has on supporting the company cause. By adding in blurbs about the importance of LGBTQIA allyship throughout their product descriptions and cart page, The Phluid Project can become an even louder voice in the fight for diversity and inclusion. 

Image from iOS


A conscious clothing company, FRANC

FRANC is fed up with fast fashion. They believe it’s necessary to ensure the people who make our clothes are treated as well as the people who wear them. FRANC products are made from environmentally friendly dyes and bluesign® certified fabrics. Not to mention, they’re totally plastic-free! 

FRANC joined Because to further promote their mission of a more conscious (but still fashion-loving) planet. Through Because, their customers will not only feel good about being sustainable, but about the specific impact they’re helping to empower.

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 10.06.27 AM


We hope this list gave you an inside look on how unique all of our beta brands are. Because is not just for the cause champions of the e-commerce world, but for everyday brands that are looking for a way to make an impact. Think your company could be next? Learn more about how to ditch your About Us page and share your social mission in the core buying journey on the Because blog. Book a demo if you’re interested in getting into our early-access launch program in November.

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