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Ditch Your Product Description: There's a New Way

Ditch Your Product Description: There's a New Way

Ashland Stansbury

Getting site visitors to click "add to cart" on your product page

If you're like every other growing ecommerce business out there, you're probably trying to get across a few pieces of important information on your site to convince your hard-earned traffic to convert as quickly as possible.

Like your free shipping offer, how your products were made with the best ingredients, your favorite customer testimonial, or even your mission for starting your company- like creating a cleaner earth.

You have a few options on where to share this info today on your product page:

1. Your announcement bar

2. Your product description

3. Your review section at the bottom of the page

The problem is that the average site visitor attention span is 8 seconds and shoppers have become completely desensitized to all of that real estate. They rarely even look at it nowadays, let alone consume what it is you're trying to tell them.


Shopify Feature Image-2


New real estate site visitors can't ignore: above your 'add to cart' button

We like to do things differently here at Because, which is why we decided to invent new real estate on your product page that your customers won't ignore: above your 'add to cart' button.

The psychology behind Because: The consumer psychology is obvious: their eyes are drawn towards the call-to-action you want them to take (AKA "add to cart"). That's the first win.

The second win is that it's literally impossible to ignore. Since this is new real estate, Because banners capture consumer intrigue. Especially if you play around with eye-catching colors, icons, and fonts that fit naturally into your brand.


Choose your banner style


Customize the #1 reason they should buy on each product page 

So you can add different banners on every page, all 100% customized to your message and brand look. Did I mention without a developer? Yeah pretty cool.

But even with all that capability, a lot of people get hung up on what message to share and where.

So here's our new blog covering "5 ideas to convert site visitors on your product page."


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